Event at Downtown at the Gardens makes for excellent ‘Date Night’

Date Night Florida director Tim Popadic entertains the crowd at Downtown at the Gardens.

Everyone knows laughter is the best medicine, and what could be better than sharing a smile with a spouse?

About 100 relationship-minded men and women did just that June 23 when they attended Date Night Florida’s “Happily Ever Laughter,” an evening of music, comedy and interactive fun with Dave Edwards. The venue: the popular Downtown at the Gardens.

In addition to cracking a few jokes, Edwards led couples in a game-show-like relationship challenge. The event is aimed at helping married couples strengthen their unions by dating each other.

According to Tim Popadic, Date Night Florida’s director, couples who work on their relationships and communicate stay together – something that is needed in Palm Beach County, where the 62-percent divorce rate stands as the highest in the state.

Date Night is a national campaign. Date Night Florida will be running throughout the year in such cities as Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa. For information, call 561-995-6560, Ext. 101, or visit www.datenightflorida.com.

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